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Coming from an iPhone 5S, I would like to keep using my iCloud email, contacts and calendar on my new ZTE Axon 7 Android device. Starting with e-mail first - I'm unable to add my e-mail account into the Mail app or GMail app. I am unable to login with my iCloud account. I followed this: iCloud: Mail server settings for email clients - Apple Support

but no success. Is it clumsy me or does this ring a bell to anyone of you? Any hints/tips/tricks?

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    These instructions while similar may be easier to use Need To Access iCloud On Your Android? We Can Help!

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    After an hour of searching I fixed it! You can't just logon with your regular password. You need to create an App specific password first. Logon with your iCloud id plus the app-specific password and it works. I could not find this anywhere on the internet.

    I use SmoothSync for syncing contacts and calendar. The account settings can be found in the Settings app under Advanced > Accounts > Smoothsync for cloud calendar / Smoothsync for cloud contacts. One thing: the stock Calendar app does not have default Calendar setting, so you have to manually select the iCloud calendar when creating a new calendar event (annoying). Also, if you want to edit an event and change the calendar, you have to type in the account instead of selecting it, I did not try if it works at all, but this feels like a bug. I might switch ro a 3rd party app (Business Calendar pro) for these 2 annoyances, I hope ZTE will fix this because the rest of the stock Calendar app is pretty neat.

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    Glad to hear you got it to work! Have you check out our

    I think this would make a really great post... and you could end up winning a prize. I'm sure others in the community could benefit from this now and in the future.

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    I am replying here to another issue, having trouble finding how to simply contact you. I spent four hours looking all over every forum and blog until I finally found in one that you answered with "...adoptable memory is not available yet, you will let R&D know...". I was under the impression that I was purchasing an item that ran STOCK 6.0.1 as well as ZTE's "flavor". Adoptable Storage is a FUNCTION of 6.0 & up, not an "option". I feel that I have been misled in my purchase, and will be complaining to EVERYONE and EVERYWHERE I can. I am a disabled veteran, on fixed income, but was happy to spend the money for what I was misled into buying. I just spent another $47.00 to buy a microsd that I can not use as I intended to, and am VERY disappointed, to say the least. I had already damaged the packaging in opening it, (no other way to open plastic sealed, you know. While I was looking in the Axon 7 User Manual, I noticed that the installation of the sd card was a very short few sentences, relating how to install as portable storage. I had already read up on using it as internal storage in 6.0.1, and just thought the option would appear when it saw the card. However, I got nervous after reviewing the installation and not seeing the option mentioned, and finally got confirmation from one of your answers after spending the aforementioned hours searching. I am disappointed and feel let down by my purchase, and am angry and upset with ZTE marketing "stock" 6.0.1, while selling a crippled version. I don't know what to do, but I am so angry, NOBODY will hear anything good about ZTE from me again!! I am really sorry for my purchase, I could have spent very little more to get what I paid for. I am selling my Axon 7 for what I can get so I can Purchase One+, or ANYTHING that is what it is advertised as. Thank you for listening to me.

    Arthur Wilson

    [phone number removed for your protection by musicdjm] (if there is anything you can do or suggest, or should I return for refund? I have only had it one week).

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    Hi sshasan, why not, if it only helps one other person I am already happy. I have edited the title and will add some more complete and related info later to the original post.

    By the way, I love the Axon 7, it's an awesome phone.

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    Why haven't you started a new thread? Or tried to find support through the 'ZTE Cares' app on your phone?

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