Requesting a review of the Axon 7 Clear View Folio Case

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I plan on purchasing an Axon 7 very soon and the clear view folio case seems like an interesting accessory. The product listing for it in the ZTEUSA webstore (found here: gives a short two sentence description that doesn't offer much insight. The couple reviews that were left for it in that product listing are absolutely useless as well, as the only things written about it were that it doesn't come in any other color(s) besides gold. I did find, in this community, a thread started by (found here: but the discussion didn't get far and, again, was mostly about the color of the case. I searched around ebay, amazon, youtube, etc. but I've found nothing for this specific case.

So, with that said, I would really appreciate it if someone here could give a more thorough review of this case. If possible, I would also like some pictures or a video to go along with the review so that I could see it in action. Since there is a fairly large window on the front cover, most of my questions have to deal with the functionality of what that window provides. Here's what I want to know:

  1. Does it give the phone an "always on" display though the window (showing current time, date, temperature, current weather condition/forecast, and/or etc.)? If it's not an always on display, how do you wake up the window screen?
  2. Can you accept and decline calls?
  3. I see there is a small opening at the top of the front cover for the top speaker so I'm assuming that it's there only for calls. How well does the sound pass through the opening? Can you turn on the speakerphone with the cover closed or will you need to put the phone up to your ear during the call?
  4. Does it show any notifications (new text, missed call, new email, and/or etc.)?
  5. If playing music, can it show music info (artist, track, album, track #, track length, album length, and/or etc.)? Also, if playing music, does it offer any play controls (previous track, next track, pause, mute, shuffle, repeat current track, repeat album/playlist, and/or slider bar)?
  6. Does it offer quick access to certain features such as turn on/off the flashlight or the ability to use the camera?
  7. Can you change any settings (turn on/off wifi, bluetooth, airplane mode, vibrate/silent mode, and/or etc.)?
  8. What is the effect on battery life when using this case? I know this won't be a straightforward answer since many factors will affect battery life.
  9. Does the case use a magnet to keep the front cover closed? How much force is need to open the front cover?
  10. What kind of material(s) is the case made of? How much grip does it provide?
  11. How easy is it to use/hold the phone when the cover is open?
  12. How much protection does it offer against drops from various angles (back, front, side, corner)?
  13. How well does the phone fit inside? How easy is it to put the phone inside? How easy is it to remove the phone?
  14. Anything else it can do that I've missed in the above questions. Any other comments, concerns, or things that you feel is important to know.

I know that this case was initially a free gift when you purchased an Axon 7 from the ZTEUSA webstore and it was limited to the first 500 pre-orders. Since this promotion is no longer available, I think it's safe to assume that they've had over 500 pre-orders (though probably a lot more) so there has to be someone out there that is using this case or at they very least has tried it out to see how it works.


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    I have the case, ​, and I've still yet to take it out of it's packaging.  If i can get to it soon I will, I have too many frying pans in the fire so time is a luxory for me right now

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    I understand. We all have busy lives. If/when you can get to it, that would be great.

  • No answers still? I just received my Clear View Folio case; I'll take a stab at it (in order):

    1. No 'always on' function. Pressing the power button wakes the display for 5 seconds. This screen shows notifications, time/date, weather, and... pedometer (?). Opening the cover wakes the display normally.

    2. No.

    3. Sound passes well through the opening. Don't know about speakerphone yet.

    4. See 1.

    5. Yes, all that. But screen blanks out after 5 seconds and must be woken to use controls.

    6. No.

    7. No.

    8. Not determined.

    9. No. Case flops open under its own weight.

    10. Case front seems like a thin urethane pleather sandwiching a thin acrylic or PC sheet, inside is textured like a napless velvet (if that's possible). The back is a PE or PP tray sandwiched between the same materials as the front, sans acrylic sheet. Grip is much better than the naked handset.

    11. The cover flips completely over, making it easy to handle the handset.

    12. Not determined, but seems minimal.

    13. Phone fits very snugly. Easy to get in, hard to get out.

    14. The case is floppy and seems flimsy. The areas of protection I was hoping for was for the cover to be stiff enough to resist a blow sharp enough to crack the screen. I prefer the metal lined covers for this, and the clear window is virtually useless; a fingerprint magnet that will probably be scuffed badly after a few weeks.. The back seems too flexible to keep a sharp blow from penetrating and dinging the aluminum. The corners seem to offer adequate protection from moderate drops, but the sides are open.

    I had hoped for a folio cover similar to my OnePlus, with a thin, stiff polycarbonate tray, a stiff metal lined front cover, and a more robust hinge. The back on this case is 2mm thick, making it just that much harder to hit the fingerprint sensor. The basically useless window will allow you to use the camera when the front is flipped over so you don't have to take photos with the cover dangling down. I'm sure this was purely unintentional, but would be a nice feature especially if the window was smaller and made from a more scratch resistant material.


    After using the case for 2 weeks, I'm less impressed with it than when I first got it. It seems that the only thing you can do with the phone while the case is closed is snooze and swipe off the alarm. So the window is not much more than a fingerprint and dust magnet, so much so that ordinary dust sticks on the inside surface such that it has abraded several scuffs on my Gorilla glass. A corner of the case broke away, seemingly by itself. This case is just expensive junk, and I feel cheated.

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