Auto Brightness

So, I went from the Zmax to the Zmax Pro. And I was curious if there was a way to set the auto brightness like it was on the Zmax? When I click on the square for the auto brightness, it still has the bar I can slide, and only dims or brightens just a little bit. Is it only supposed to change a little bit based on where the bar is set?


  • sshasansshasan Staff Member United StatesPosts: 3,594 admin

    With auto brightness on, yes the bar that slides only brightens or dims the screen ever so slightly. The screen brightness with actually change based upon the light in your environment.

  • When the box is checked, the phone will adjust to the background lighting.  The slider will ever so slightly make changes.  What happened on other phones that I have seen is if you slid the slider with the auto on, the phone would exit auto and things would stay at the brightness from the slider.

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