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Hi everybody,

First off, I have to say that I'm in love with my ZMax Pro. I got it the week it was released, which means I've had it for around a month now. I've always had budget smartphones and I've been incredibly impressed with this one. Of course, there are little issues here and there, many of which are probably due more to the software than the phone, but overall, I'm so happy with this thing and have been recommending it to everyone.

That said, I have a question: Does this phone have Bluetooth low energy (BLE)? I ask because one of the things that's impressed me most about the phone is the battery life. Most reviews give the battery a good review, saying things like "I can get a whole day out of it." I can get two days, easy -- mind you, I'm probably a less active user than most (statistically I text much less than your average senior citizen, and I'm in my thirties). But last night, I unplugged the phone after a full charge and was surprised to see that it had dropped down to 98 percent within just a few minutes. When I woke up today, it was at 75 percent -- to give you a baseline here, when I unplug the phone at night, generally in the morning it'll be anywhere between 90 to 95 percent.

Finally it occurred to me to check the battery usage, and surprise: Bluetooth was the culprit. Now, I never use Bluetooth for any reason, and I always have it turned off. I don't know how it got turned on in this case -- as you know, these things happen. But I did some research and found that BLE should have very low battery consumption. That wasn't necessarily true for previous iterations of Bluetooth, though. I also learned that by 2018, 90 percent of smartphones are projected to have BLE -- but it's not 2018, and 90 percent isn't 100 percent.

Obviously ZTE had to cut some corners to get the phone down to this price. Is Bluetooth one of them? Or is something else wrong here? If no BLE was the sacrifice they (and I) had to make, I'm totally fine with it -- I just want to confirm, and I can't seem to find the information in the specs anywhere.

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    I was able to confirm with the ZMAX Pro planning team that the device does have Bluetooth Low Energy.


  • sshasansshasan Staff Member United StatesPosts: 3,590 admin

    I'll check into this for you

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    On the topic of batteries and charging sshasan, I was out of town at a friends house this past weekend and when my PRO got down to 50% I plugged it in to charge it. When I went to check it, it was at 70% but the lock screen notification said battery full unplug phone. So I unplugged it and plugged it back in and It kept doing that every time the battery went up 5-10%. Haven't noticed it since I got back home, so I'm not sure what was going on.

  • Sagudfood, that happens to me as well! It's one of the "little issues here and there" I was talking about in my original post. In my case, it always happens when I have the phone plugged in in my car while I'm using it for navigation. The battery tends to overheat, and I get the 100% notification. Even when the battery cools down, the phone won't start charging again because it thinks it's at 100%.

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    I did notice that the phone was kind of hot. I wonder if it's a charger issue or battery issue. I was thinking that it was some issue with the AC wall outlet at my friends house, but I guess not. Anyhow, I've never had a phone do that before, hope it's not a sign of things to come. Hopefully this phone will last a couple of years!!!

  • Thanks! Strange that the battery ran down so much with it on. Maybe I'll try it again.

  • I have Bluetooth on all the time, never turn it off.  I have a lot of devices that I use Bluetooth with the phone.  I have a headset, a smartwatch, all sorts of stuff, no issues with my battery getting killed by my Bluetooth.  In fact, Bluetooth only uses 4% of my battery with a lot of other stuff way above that.  I would keep an eye on it and see what's going on.  My phone can get charged and in the morning I'll remove it....I use it 20 - 30 minutes doing whatever on it, and still shows 100%.  I've been able to get over a day with it and no issues with the battery.  I do use a quick charger at home, and a quick charger car charger but I'm pretty sure that doesn't have anything to do with the length of time the battery will last when off the charger, but it does allow me to keep my battery pretty charged throughout the day if I plug it in because I work as a technician that drives around a lot.  However, when not at work and using the phone without keeping it charged, I have been able to get through the entire day (I text a lot and use it for all sorts of stuff a lot) and be at about 40% at the end of the day.

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    Keep in mind that BT is similar to the main radio/cellular modem. Just as your distance from the cell tower determines how much power the radio needs to send a signal back and forth, so does the BT.  So if you have BT turned on, and no devices are paired, or physically located nearby, it may be using more power running in the random search mode, while it's searching and seeking devices to connect with. There's no need to even have BT enabled unless you have a nearby device using it. ie: Car Audio / Handsfree system, stereo headphones, etc.

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