Marshmallow Update

When will the Grand X3 get the 6.0 Marshmallow Update?


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    ​ I am going to mark this ticket for action.  You should have a response to your question soon.  Thanks!

  • Thank you, reason I was asking is because I remember hearing something about Marshmallow would be coming to the X3 at CES 2016.

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    We have reached out to our team to get you information. We'll be in touch soon; thanks for your interest in seeing the Grand X3 upgraded.

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    We have no information about an update coming to the Grand X3, at this time. Keep checking back with us; if we learn anything more we will be sure to be in touch.

  • So the promise of the marshmallow update at CES 2016 was just hype to sell units knowing people would buy it because it was going to get the update. 

    If we are not getting the update let us unlock the bootloader, and flash CM 13. We need the adaptive storage,  and memory management of Marshmallow.

  • Hey man, how are you? So have you heard anything new about the Marshmallow update. The reason I personally ask for this phone (and maybe you can pass this along to the right people) Is because I would absolutely love this phone except for the cpu /ram lag. I'm leaning towards cpu lag because it looks like ZTE really left Android alone and didn't "make up" another software layer (Moto Blur, HTC Sense, TouchWiz, LG'S Thing). And don't get me wrong, I loved my lg g2 and g3, I had a couple great htc's, never really liked Samsung. Here's the main reason I took the time to write this, I recently had a brand new off the shelf Moto E that ran Marshmallow 6.0.1. The specs were far less that my ZTE GRAND X3 Z959 BUT I HAVE TO PRESS IT MULTIPLE TIMES DURING THE DAY AND MOST TIMES THE ONLY "WORK AROUND, NOT A FIX) IS TO JUST WAIT UNTIL THE PHONE HAS TIME TO CATCH UP WITH WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN  A FEW SIMPLE PRESSES. THE ONLY OTHER OPTION IS TO PERFORM A HARD REBOOT AND IT USUALLY DOESN'T COME TO THAT. My personal opinion, (as a loyal customer to the right company) is to get that Marshmallow update on here asap, especially since Cricket is selling them for $79.99 right now and anyone that has owned a halfway decent phone will find the lag unbearable. Other than that, WHAT A GREAT PHONE FOR THE PRICE, EVEN AT $129.99. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND HOPEFULLY WE CAN GET THAT UPDATE SOON. THEN I CAN GIVE THIS PHONE AWAY AND GET THE AXON 7!  Thanks!

  • I agree 100%,the percentage of users that unlock / root their phones is minimal and more that likely it would only lead to improvements and the sharing of ideas amongst the phone manufacturer and the end user. How wonderful and effective would that be? In a way ZTE would be getting free R&D and most of us rom/android developers would be more than happy to share out work.

  • Any updates to either an update as we were promised @ CES 2016, or  unlocking the bootloader so we can at least get custom ROM support on this device?

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    when it comes to carrier branded devices... in this case Cricket Wireless, ZTE does not have the final say when or if the device will receive an update. That lies at the hands of Cricket Wireless.

    As for an update being promised at CES 2016 for the Grand X 3, I don't remember hearing this while I was at the unveiling and this was before I started working for the company.

    If you can point me to any information or an official statement, I will gladly run it up the ladder to get answers.

  • "ZTE wants to provide an upgrade to Android Marshmallow for this phone; it's working with Cricket to make that happen, Yee said."

    Taken from PC Mag Australia, Jan. 6th 2016

    Notice this statement according to the article was quoted from Jeff Yee, VP of ZTE.

    Can't get any more official if you ask me, when it's a direct quote from your company's Vice president!

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