Spro2 with YanTouch Eyes

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I'm curious if anyone has paired their Spro2 up with a set of the Yantouch Eyes bluetooth light, speakers? I won a pair of these, and received them today. They seem like they would make an awesome light setup, and also provide decent sound. The first thing I thought when I saw them honestly, was perfect lighting for the Spro2, and my 2nd thought sound. I usually need/want some light on while watching movies/tv and the ability to adjust the brightness, and color seems like these would be a perfect match. I love how the Spro2 sounds, so although I have tried pairing it with numerous speakers, I revert back to the built-in JBL as they sound awesome. So tonight I am going to pair these up, and test them out with the spro2. This is still my fav device right now, so these eyes will need to meet really high standards for me to let them reside with the Spro2. I will post back, and let you guys know how it goes.


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    Update, the Spro2 paired beautifully with the eyes, and I have to say the lighting is great! I did have to play around to find a color that worked best, and that wasn't distracting while watching movies, but that was to be expected. The sound is nice also, I prefer the sound from the Spro2, however it isn't always loud enough, depending on the movie. These, I can place one on either side of my sectional or room, and that is nice considering I have 100in screen, and a fairly large living room.  Definitely happy, and think it is an amazing addition to go with my fav device!!! How are you using your Spro2, have you found any amazing ways to use it, or paired it with anything you just need to share???

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    I want one of these big time now lol the black one looks really cool I love the Idea of the RGB LED built in, I use my ZTE Bluetooth speaker usually, I bought with the 50% accessories coupon for buying the Axon 7 and although it doesnt have built in LED lights it is INSANELY loud and my favorite speaker for using on my Axon 7

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    ​ I have keep my ZTE speaker in my living room, to pair with the spro2 during certain movies that need a volume boost, as it sounds great and I can move the sound closer to where i need it sometimes. Really is an awesome sounding speaker. In my bedroom I have a huawei swan which sounds aweome also, and of course I use it for the same reason asthe ZTE one.These Eyes are in a whole different park. I got to play with them a lot last night with the Spro2 and am in love. It is like they were meant for each other. I played youtube videos, which always look amazing up on the big screen, but of course add in the right lighting is way better, and these give you a bazillion lighting choices.The sound is what surprised me, I read a couple reviews that put these at mid range, average and a couple compared them to bigger named speakers. I was expecting average in all aspects of sound, and instead got awesome sound. It's no secret I listen to heavier music than most, 5FDP, Slipknot, Hatebreed, you get the picture, anyways these speakers are able to handle this bass fairly well, and at a volume that is beyond any bluetooth speaker I have seen as of yet. Also there is an app that you can download right to the Spro2 and it gives you full control of the eyes, so I don't need to use another remote, just my airmouse. I so love when my tech devices bundle up well, just when I thought I couldn't love Spro2 more, I find something to add to it and I'm all excited again lol.

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