New Zte Zmax 2 - Wifi Issue / Quirk?

I just got the AT&T Prepaid Zte Zmax 2, GO PHONE, from BestBuy for $ 49.99.  Am waiting for an unlock code, and am playing with the phone (I love it so far).  It using Build B16 & Android OS v 5.1.

My issue so far is this.

1. If I single finger swipe the top pull down menu and press WIFI.  (I have already setup WIFI connections at House and a few other places and they work fine)

It takes 10-13 seconds for the Connected to WIFI icon to show on top screen.


2. If I 2 finger swipe the top pull down men, single press WIFI then SETUP cog/gear icon, and press WIFI under general settings.  my Wifi networks are there instantly.  This takes like 1 second to do.  and wifi works fine.

I have an old LG 90 on T-mobile network on Android 5.0.2 and can just single swipe the top menu down and press WIFI and in 1-2 seconds a WIFI list comes on screen to choose from.

Is this a issue or quirk with OS 5.1 ??  Or because I have not activated the go phone (zmax 2) on AT&T.


  • I just got the Zmax 2 (via Best Buy.) Great phone for my needs. That being said I too am experiencing the same issues as you.

    I'd like to think that someone from ZTE is looking at these posts (and will forward the info.)

    Also - Give us Android  Marshmallow (please.)

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