ZTE Zmax Pro Sim Unlock Screen

I have tried numerous times to unlock my ZTE Zmax Pro. I have the unlock code needed. But when putting in a sim card from another company. The screen asking for the unlock code is not popping up.


  • rangerlgrangerlg Cypress, TXPosts: 89

    Did you start the phone with the new SIM?  What carrier is it locked to and what carrier are you trying to use?

  • It is locked to MetroPCS and I am trying to go to T-Mobile and yes I currently have a T-mobile sim card in it.

  • rangerlgrangerlg Cypress, TXPosts: 89

    That may the issue since Metro is owned by TMobile.  You may need to find an AT&T sim and try it.  Does the phone connect to the network with the TMo SIM?

  • No it does not. When putting the T-Mobile sim card in and turning the phone on it says "Network Lock" I have not tried a AT&T Sim Card as I do not have one and don't know anyone that has AT&T.

  • rangerlgrangerlg Cypress, TXPosts: 89

    Is there a folder for MetroPCS and if so, is there a Device Unlock app installed?

  • There is a Device Unlock App but it fails on every attempt.

  • rangerlgrangerlg Cypress, TXPosts: 89

    You have to be on the 3G/LTE network so you will need to use the Metro SIM and run that app.

  • From everything I see including on Youtube. You can put in a new sim card and restart the phone and then the prompt comes up asking for an unlock code. I have an unlock code from ZTE to use on it. But cannot get the prompt to enter the code to appear on the phone.

  • rangerlgrangerlg Cypress, TXPosts: 89

    May to take it into a MetroPCS shop.  From what I'm seeing, the TMo SIM is not being recognized as a foreign SIM since they use the same network.  Any other SIM should pop the screen up.

  • Metro said they can't do anything. Tried a Verizon Sim and AT&T sim and nothing popped up.

  • Have you tried the Unlock App with the MetroPCS SIM  card installed?  This may be something you could try....

  • That I have tried as well.

  • rangerlgrangerlg Cypress, TXPosts: 89

    Did the unlock code come direct from Metro?

  • I got an unlock code from ZTE. But either way you cannot use an unlock code on this phone. At least there is no way to bring it up to ask for it. You have to use the app. And the app fails.

  • Does the app fail after you punch in the code, or does it fail before you even get to that point?  If it's failing after you enter the code, you could have a bad code....Then you'll probably want to get one from MetroPCS as if that is who you got the phone through, that's probably all your going to be able to get the code from.  Most of the time, the manufacturers of the phone can't give you those codes and they have to come from the provider to be able to protect the provider.  The usual exception to that is to purchase a phone that is unlocked at which point your have purchased the phone.  Most carriers have the lock in place to make sure someone doesn't come to them and get the phone really cheap and then leave and not take care of the bill and go somewhere else.  MetroPCS usually has you stay with them and have your account active for 90 days before they'll issue the unlock code.

  • I don't even get to that point. It just fails.

  • I have just tried the app to see what it does on my phone.  It goes through the steps to try to unlock the phone, I know it isn't eligible because I haven't had it for 90 days, but I went through just to see what it would do.  There was a button on it to "Permanent Unlock", when I press that it checks and then comes back with the message telling me that my phone isn't eligible and to call Customer Service to find out about eligibility.  Are you trying to run that app with the other SIM card installed.  You may need to have MetroPCS SIM card installed so that it can contact MetroPCS towers to verify eligibility.

  • Well as I stated. Metro screwed me on the deal. I went into the store and they said "Yeah you are good to bring it somewhere else and unlock and use it" So I brought it to T-Mobile and tried unlocking it and it wouldn't unlock. Well they already ported my number over... so it canceled my plan with Metro when they did that. So they want me to go for another 90 days at metro to unlock the phone.

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    There are people on ebay that can app unlock it for $20-25. It was only $5-6 when I got the phone but since the phone got popular they have raised the price. Good luck to you!!!

  • Got a link to that by any chance?

  • If you still have your Metro SIM, try rebooting with that in and using the unlock app.  When I purchased the unlock code the other person mentioned, I used the unlock app with my Metro SIM present and the unlock was successful.  I then powered off, swapped in my T-Mobile SIM, and rebooted, and everything went fine.

  • Tried that numerous times.

  • rangerlgrangerlg Cypress, TXPosts: 89

    Was this phone brand new/unused when you tried to unlock it?  If not, did you try to factory reset the phone first and then try the unlock app?  I'm just throwing darts here.

  • I bought it brand new and I was with Metro for a little over 110 days.

  • rangerlgrangerlg Cypress, TXPosts: 89

    Have you tried a factory reset?

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