Spare adapter

If there was only one concern about the Spro, it was the fact that it uses a rather 'proprietary' adapter to charge it. Unlike most smartphones and tablets, it does not use a 5V micro-USB or USB-C adapter, but a 12V round plug.

In case anyone is wondering, it turns out to be a generic connector: 5.5mm external diameter, 2.5mm internal diameter. The polarity has to be positive (center is positive, sheath is negative). Lastly, it has to be 12V with a least 4A (four amps).

Something like this could work: and it's a lot less expensive than other third-party ones that claim is specifically compatible with this projector, such as this one:

Interestingly, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, nor even ZTE seem to sell the original Spro 2 adapter separately, or at least I don't see it in their Products page, but it's always good to have a spare.


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    Thank you for the information ​ , I have also used an old router cord that worked perfectly as well and the plug that connects to the adapter can be used from alot of printers, PS3, cables boxes, a variety of other house hold items if you ever need.

  • Just for comparison, here is the original ZTE adapter with the one from Amazon.


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