[Axon Pro] Why does my Axon Pro tend to over heat?

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I have noticed with a little use of browsing and commenting on social sites my phone tends to start to overheat.  At least over heating where it is warm to the touch.  I usually stop and run an application to cool it down, although I know that it probably isn't doing anything.  Usually I just stop using it for a while. photo.php?fbid=10208943334599453&set=pcb.519499148222759&type=3&theaterphoto.php?fbid=10208943334999463&set=pcb.519499148222759&type=3&theater


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    That's a great question, Fernando.  As I'm sure you're aware, the 2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 (MSM8994) octa-core was expected and rumored back in June to not have overheating issues.  With it's release in devices prior to the Axon Pro users did see an issue with overheating; and by the time the Axon Pro had released overheating was something to be expected from the Snapdragon reissue of the 801 (which is found in the non-pro version).  In short, it has more to do with the manufacturer of the processor, Snapdragon, and the build of the equipment.  As you stated and seem to be practicing, there are apps to manage the warmth and cool the processor down.

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    I know this is an old question, but I wanted to comment that a phone being warm to the touch is entirely normal.  You'll feel that during charging, during intense processor usage, with extended screen-on-time, etc your phone will get warm.  If it gets hot, then maybe you can start worrying, but every single processor and manufacturer has safeguards in place to throttle the processor if it gets dangerously hot.

    And, you're right, the app you're using doesn't help you in any way.

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    Indeed.  And it is good to know about the safeguards.

    At the time of the question someone had commented to me about the ZTE batteries exploding in their pocket due to the overheating and were warning me.

    I have since done research and know that possibility is very slim to none and was a one off issue. 

    Thankfully I have since removed the offending apps causing the overheating issues I had seemed to be plagued with.

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    Most every phone I've had over the last couple years get warm when really using it. These new devices are powerful and are going to get warm.

  • I really don't see why this is a thread at all. All new smartphones get a little warm when using it.

    That being said, my Axon Pro never get noticeably warm, and I think it has to do with how the Axon Pro was designed. The 810 SOC may be a problem on the Oneplus 2 because of terrible design, cooling factors. You can't judge the 810 because Oneplus doesn't know what they are doing. My Axon Pro not only looks superior to the Two, but it is not crippled like the Two.

    The Axon Pro is a superior designed phone than the crappy Oneplus Two.

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    Its normal for a metal phone to get warm, especially when browsing.

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