ZMAX 2 with Wired Headset locks screen, auto selects apps, auto redials calls

Good day,

I have owned this phone for months, and it has been repaired twice and replaced twice.  The symptoms surround the use of TRRS headsets, all of which work fine with other Android 5.x devices, including ZTE devices.

With the headset, I can listen to music or make and take calls.   However, the screen will lock when scrolling, and sometimes apps will open on their own.  Additionally, the phone will auto redial the last call I take, up to three times.

Again, with the headset plugged in, it might send text messages one character at a time, as I type them. 

I have tried using an audio-only cable, and that clears up all the issues, but it is bulky, and I no longer have remote controls on the headset.

I've tried Safe Mode, Cache wipe, factory reset, etc.   Is there a solution?



  • asianrockerasianrocker ILPosts: 243 ✭✭✭✭✭

    TRRS and TRS Plugs and Sockets Explained - mklec blog

    I post that for ZTE people to review what is inside our phone that makes it sooooo buggy. Can't use certain headphones now zte people, really. I plan to make my zmaxpro my phone for life. That's how much I like everything about it. Exept for all these  bugs and there are MANY, and that we are still waiting for the android N  which I really hope will fix all the bugs but if what's inside my zmaxpro phone is messed up to begin with, well... that would really make me sad.

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