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One of the specs that listed for the camera on the Axon 7 is "Close Loop VCN for better auto focus".   A Google search for "Close Loop VCN" brings up absolutely nothing that appears relevant to a camera or auto focus.  Does anyone know what it is?


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    Good question but I can't answer it. Lets see who can answer it.

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    A VCM is an abbreviation for a Voice Coil Motor. Voice Coil Motors (or VCM's) are what enable the lenses in camera, or more commonly smartphone camera, to move along the z-axis (or "push outwards/inwards") in order to change the depth of focus for your subject that your photographing.

    Closed Loop VCM just means that when the lens is being focused (oversimplying it here but it serves the purpose) there is a 'feedback' loop which is a system that makes sure the lens is in the correct position. Ex: If the lens is supposed to move forward 5 nanometers, then the closed loop simply means that this position is double checked, and confirmed.

    This is typically used in phones with auto-focus(PDAF in the case of the Axon 7) as its the most common way to fit a focusing mechanism in something as small as a cell phone with low power draw, since DSLR cameras have MUCH more space and require more power.

    Hope this helps your understanding!

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