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AerospacemanAerospaceman United StatesPosts: 1,517 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

Hello Z-Community Members,

     We'd like to invite you to apply for a new ZTE beta opportunity. Selected candidates will be given the opportunity to beta test a new ZTE device code-named "Maxwell Smart". Since we are still at an early beta stage, candidates should expect to find bugs, install software updates on a weekly basis, and complete debugging tasks on time upon request. Candidates will also need to provide detailed bug reports and collect valid logs for debugging purpose from both the beta device and your smartphone upon request.  Below are some absolute requirements and optional qualifications if you were to be selected.


1. You need to be a registered Z-Community user.

2. Live in the U.S.

3. Have an available smartphone that supports Bluetooth 4.1

4. Be able to capture logs from the beta device and your smartphone upon request.

5. Provide detailed and complete bug reports.

6. Strictly follow the Non-Disclosure Agreement if you are selected.

7. Complete all assigned beta tasks and surveys on time.

Optional qualifications:

1. Fluent in Spanish.

2. Interested in debugging

3. Willing to communicate with R&D team on a daily basis.

Your next step is to complete the Qualification Survey at the link below.  Good Luck, be honest and hope to see you soon in the beta for the "Maxwell Smart" device!

Application Survey


  • AerospacemanAerospaceman United StatesPosts: 1,517 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    We want to thank everyone that has applied for this Beta Test.  We received a huge amount of applications.  At this time applications are closed.  We are now in the process of selecting testers for this beta.  If you are selected you will be notified soon.  Thank you to all applicants and good luck.

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