App transfer from a Samsung phone

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I was reading several of the threads regarding app transfer from other phones and a question popped up.  This is not related to a problem that I'm having just a question that could concern many others.

I was wondering what would happen if someone transferred a Samsung phone system app to their Axon 7 by mistake.  When I transferred from my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 I used the Google cloud method instead of Tap and Go.  I made a point to uncheck any app that was considered a system app on my old phone (anything that was unable to be uninstalled).  But what would happen if some checked "All" for the app transfer and a bunch of system apps came over? 


  • Nothing, you can't restore them. The backups would be tied to the device and only data portion would be backed up if it was allowed, which for system apps usually is not. It would not even restore data except special system data like Wi-Fi access points and such.

  • Use a phone to phone transfer program can share the data between two phones, texts, contacts or photos, but the app data is not able to be transferred.

  • If you want to transfer data between android and android, there're many android data transfer apps could help, it could transfer data between android device and computer in few steps.

    You can transfer data from one phone to computer first, then connect the other one to computer and import contacts from computer to it.

    how to transfer data from samsung to computer

  • Actually, there're many special designed android data backup apps could transfer everything between your phone and computer, you can connect your two phones to computer separately to transfer data between them.

    how to transfer data between samsung phone and computer

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