Why no security patches for the A7?

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I see articles about lots of other phones that get regular security patch updates. Even this:



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    Good question, ​. While I am plenty happy with the current release on the Axon 7 it would been prudent to keep it patched. AFAIK the Axon 7 is not locked to a carrier anywhere so the patches would only have to come from ZTE and not have to be processed and approved by carriers. There would still be a hurdles of getting the patch(es) worked out for the different varients of the Axon 7, though... but I would hazard to guess that the hardware differences are minor between them all.

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    The A7 is on the October security patch, which is pretty average.  Most folks do quarterly release.

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    I believe the security patches have been updated with every new maintenance release. I would expect the same with the new update whenever it arrives.

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    I see articles about lots of other phones that get regular security patch updates. Even this:http://www.gsmarena.com/kitkatpowered_zte_zmax_on_tmobile_gets_november_security_update-news-22454.php

    According to Android Police, the prior security update was in May.  Axon 7 gets updates much more often than that.

  • I have been prevented from using work email because ZTE is on an old security patch.

    Monthly or bi-monthly would be nice.

    I don't want to have to switch to an iPhone.

    Please ZTE step it up with your security patches.

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    I doubt that's why you couldn't use work email.  It is far more likely that the way encryption is implemented (which is not well) is what's keeping you from doing so.  Many exchange servers require the phone be properly encrypted and the A7 currently fails that test.  If the October security patch isn't recent enough 99% of Android phones out there would be prevented from being used.

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    To give you an idea..

    In 2016 Moto Devices got the updates in February, July and August only.

    Samsung kept only the factory unlocked flagships updated each month.  My wife's Samsung S6 on AT&T got exactly two updates last year.

    HTC did five updates on the unlocked versions of the flagships.  On the carrier version of the phones most carriers released 2.

    The reason I mention this, is because if your corporate email server really didn't allow a 3 month old patch level, most phones simply wouldn't qualify.

  • @louisd I appreciate your feedback.

    This is regarding MDM, requiring the November 5, 2016 or newer Security Patch Level.

  • Correction - I now require the January 5, 2017 secutity patch

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    Makes me wonder when the next security patch will come out for the A7.

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    This month, bundled with the Nougat update.

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    Quite literally that limits you to the Pixels. I've never heard of a security policy that absurd and I work with the intelligence community.

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    yea I get that.

    But then what?

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