What's in the A7 Nougat release?

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I get it that the testing under way is being done with an NDA - and there are probably decent reasons for that.  But, assuming there's a feature freeze in effect at this point, what reason could there be not to make that feature set public.  I get that there are probably still bugs - and maybe some things won't even be fixed in time to make it into the final release, but at least tell us what you're shooting for, ZTE...


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    I agree...what's the point of an NDA? Is someone going to steal some top secret formula for MiFavor to add it to another phone? I doubt it. In fact, the whole upgrade will be released soon so why does any manufacturer have an NDA? We're not talking about keeping nukes from North Korea here.

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    ​ > You are correct ALL testers are under a NDA and none are able to discuss the Nougat update. At this time no additional information is available about Nougat but as ​ has stated, when more information is available that can be posted it will be posted prominently in the community.

    Please check out some of the many other threads about the Nougat update

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    I get the NDA.  They don't want somebody ragging on them because they don't like this or that about the upgrade - or worse, because it bricks their device.  They agreed to test unfinished software, and those are reasonable terms.  What I'm complaining about is that the rest of us are waiting to find out what our devices are going to be able to do after the upgrade.  And some buyers are probably sitting on the fence until they know.  What could be the purpose of that?

    Of course, I'm in the awkward position of waitng to see whether to keep the device.  I bought it at B&H, who's allowing returns up to Feb 1.  I don't want to return it, but I bought this device because its bootloader could be unlocked.  Yeah, a new unlock procedure is 'coming'.  But is it coming with the Nougat upgrade?  I don't want to unlock now - I've learned to live with MiFavor and I don't really even need root.  But I intend to unlock, say, next year when Android 'O' comes out and is not supported by ZTE.  Or the year after that with Android 'P'.  Providing an unlock path now will guarantee that there's a big enough dev community to support the A7 before the next model comes down the pike.   I'd prefer for ZTE to support the A7 through several more Android upgrades - and I don't think January is overly late for Nougat.  But the secrecy doesn't inspire confidence...

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    None of those threads describe what's going to be in the Nougat release.  I'm confident enough that it'll come some time in January - and I'm impressed that they're hot on the heels of OnePlus in that regard.  But I see no reason to hide what features are there - and what the new unlock procedure will be like.  No, I don't need access to bug reports, etc.  I just want to know what's in store.

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    You are wasting your time because they are not going to tell you what's in the Nougat release.  Otherwise why would they have bothered with an NDA in the first place?  It's common practice in the tech industry.  I've signed plenty of them in my 30+ years in the software world.  The minute you tell the user base what is coming it turns into a nag fest.  You can't please all of the people all of the time.

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    stevec5375 wrote: The minute you tell the user base what is coming it turns into a nag fest. 
    Please check out some of the many other threads about the Nougat updateNougat updateAxon 7 - Nougat Wishlist - Features that are missing, and ones I hope they keep.Axon 7 (A2017U) US Nougat PreviewAndroid 7Axon 7 Nougat December Release Leak on Newegg

    Heh heh....it already IS a nag fest!

  • Probably they're just redesigning MiFavor and not removing it as many people want so they don't want people to be upset

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    Ha! That's kind of my point.  Instead of fifty wish list posts, they'd have one thread where we could fight among ourselves about the real features instead of making stupid speculations that don't make us sound any more satisfied.

    I certainly don't think they're dropping MiFavor - though I imagine they might be more flexible about turning parts off.  I'm just hoping it'll *work* more like stock.  I.e., enhanced, not crippled...

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    The people who knew don't talk, and the people who talk don't know.

  • Bingo. I really don't get why some people expected the entire UI to be completely changed to stock Android. They were probably already working on an N build shortly after the 7 was released and they got their hands on the source. MiFavor goes much deeper than just looks, same thing with TouchWiz and other manufacturer skins. Hopefully they've addressed what many of the forum members have noticed throughout use.

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    You're right, of course.  But that's part of the problem with skins.  They often go deeper than they need to.  Sometimes it's for valid reasons.  Samsung introduced their own fingerprint scanning API and split-screen support long before Google added them to the mainstream.  That kind of thing pushes Android forward.  I'm not sure what non-cosmetic stuff ZTE has done.  Wasn't the 6GB A7 supposed to have a pressure sensitive display?  That'd require them to make some deeper changes, no doubt...

    The A7 seems to have its own take on power management - and I'm not complaining about the battery life I've been getting.  But then again Marshmallow already had Doze - which is supposedly even better in Nougat.  So attempting to one-up Google on power management on a late-Marshmallow cycle device seems misguided.  But ZTE probably had that stuff in their version of Android 'L'.

    Anyway, there's a bit of an inherent conflict between trying to be a 'flagship killer' (with flagship - i.e. non-standard - features), and trying to establish a new 'New Nexus' category as a mid-range device.  That category didn't exist as long as Google kept producing mid-range Nexus devices, and the A7 was developed before the Pixel was announced, but ZTE has made some noise about it since.  So maybe they're in a transition phase that'll take several Android versions to complete.  I only hope that the A7 gets to participate in that transition instead of being orphaned - as too often is the case once the next shiny new device is launched...

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    I have read that Google wants to "rein in" Android because it is becoming too fragmented.  Now I am seeing firsthand what they mean.  Every vendor that gets its hands on Android makes its own customizations. So depending on which vendor you end up with, you can have a stellar Android experience or a very bad one.  Apple's closed system has its flaws but when you buy an Apple phone you know what you are getting.  Everybody who has that same model phone will have the exact same experience.  I am now having a diminished Android experience based on what I had with Samsung.

  • Yeah, a lot of the stuff they introduced seems redundant, actually. Wonder if their take on the power management has caused conflicts on some level in the OS.

  • Also, this is any business standard practice of CYA.  Features might change, huge bugs might exist, or even super cool new features we don't know about.  As much as some of us can honestly say we'd  be open minded and not swayed and etc....there are others that would be combative, swayed, or just overall loud.

    It's like we (my wife and I) said when we had kids....we wouldnt tell people the name of the children till after they were born, because this way we wouldn't have to hear comments/ suggestions from everyone lol

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  • Is Axon getting Android 7.1.1? or is ZTE working on outdated 7.0 update?

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    Rumor has it that it supports daydream - and daydream requires 7.1, so...

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    And the leaked images of the Axon 7 Nougat build on imgur show Android 7.0.

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    Hmmm.  I could've sworn I read that somewhere.  I guess that's how fake news gets its start.  Sorry. ;-)

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    The sooner a device manufacturer can obsolete a device the sooner the user will have to buy a new one.  More revenue.

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    No need to be sorry...I've been corrected on here MANY times.  I've learned so much from being here it's incredible.

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