Best Android apps for the SPro

As an avid iPhone/Mac user, one of the things that got me sold on the SPro was an App called AirPin. It basically turns the SPro 2 device into an Apple TV with a built-in projector, providing AirPlay mirroring from my Apple devices, not to mention a full-fledged remote desktop device (especially when you can plug in a compact keyboard/mouse via USB) and an unlimited media player (thanks to Binge On and Music Freedom). As for the AirPin app, it was well worth buying the Pro version.

I was told by the T-Mobile store rep that iSyncR is also a great app that makes your Android device compatible with iTunes, basically making look like an iPod.

Since I'm pretty new to the Android scene, does anyone know of any other really cool apps that would be beneficial specifically for us SPro 2 users?

Thanks in advance.


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