Apps turning off

The apps Strava and Pulsar turn off after 15 minutes without input on the phone. Have tried turning off Smart power-save and changing individual app power management policies. No luck. 

FWIW the Bluetooth connection does not drop, only the app stops. For example in the car listening to a local playlist on the SD card, through the car's Bluetooth. 



  • I was running a music app yesterday on my V8 Pro, and in 15 minutes, it shut down.  Nothing showed-up on the phone as far as information on why it would shut down.  I didn't have Smart power on.  I went through the settings and everything.  Nothing worked.  It happened twice, so I stopped using the V8 Pro, and used my BlackBerry Passport for the app.  I don't want to send the phone back over this issue, but it is annoying to have to switch phones for one music app.

    Hope they look into this and update and correct the source and issue.

  • Mister McPhilson.............I just got off the phone with tech support and they suggested resetting your apps (How do I reset my application preferences?), which I have done on my phone, and my music app hasn't turned off yet, like it did the other night. They also suggested that if it keeps happening, to put the phone in safemode (How do I put my device in Safe Mode?) which I prefer not to do myself.  I did tell them we shouldn't have to put a brand new phone in safemode already, just to use Strava and music apps.  Anyhow, they said if it continues, to get back in touch with them.  Hope these suggestions help.

  • Well I lied.  Resetting the apps didn't work for me, so am trying a different music app now. 

  • Donnieroc, thanks very much for the ideas. Unfortunately after trying both the problem still happens. It seems any apps that should run in the background when the screen sleeps are being turned off by the phone.

    The temporary workaround I have used is to go into Settings -> Display -> Sleep -> Never. This way the screen always stays awake when I am using the apps, so the phone cannot turn them off since it can't go to sleep mode. It's a sub-optimal fix because of battery drain and security but it does work, and when I am done with the app I put the sleep timer back to 2 minutes. So for example when I start a music playlist for my workout I change sleep timer to never. Then I can listen to music for my full hour-long workout. Then when I'm done I put the sleep timer back on.

    It is a really frustrating bug and I would advise everyone to avoid buying this phone until the bug is fixed in a software update. 

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    Good evening. I have not experienced this. Let's see if one of our CPAs    can try to assist you in troubleshooting this further. Should you need anything else, please let me know.

  • That is frustrating for sure.  I found out that it was the app I was using.  I have several music apps on this phone and the one I was using would shut down in 15 minutes. (uninstalled it)  The other apps that I use don't shut down at all.  Weird!!!  I don't get it, but then I'm old, so I don't get a lot of things!!  LOL!!! 

  • Mister mcphilson

    I am returning my Blade V8 Pro.  Too many issues with not being able to play music on it.  We shouldn't have to go to "safemode"  just play music on a brand new phone, plus, it still happens with resetting the apps, in settings.  My phone also has issues trying to authorize WiFi signals, with the correct passwords, out in public on other WiFi systems, other than my home WiFi.  Customer Service said that shouldn't be happening either.

    What a disappointment this turned out to be.  Good Luck with your phone!!!


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    Same thing happening with spotify app. Just completely closes out the app.

  • Does your phone even say anything about closing down???  Mine didn't. 

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    Nope. Music just stops. I look at the phone and its just not open anymore.

  • Exactly what happens to me too.  Technical support wasn't much help with a solution either, so don't count on them. I think it's some internal bug that needs an update, but I'm not a technical person.  That's why I'm send this back along with some WiFi issues also.

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    Well its not strictly a zte problem, seems to be an android problem in general as it has happened with different brand devices across different music apps.

  • You're probably right.  I have the same app on my ZTE Cymbal-T flip Android.  But it runs Android 5.1.1  Just keeping it as a back-up.

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    I am experiencing the same problem with the Player FM podcast app.  After exactly 15 minutes of play, the app is killed.  I already factory reset the phone and disabled the two power management policies.  Those two steps didn't solve the problem.  I need to return this phone.

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    I am actively using a LG G2, a Blu phone, a Moto X, an asus Zen 2. I only experience the problem with this phone.

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    After waiting 30 minutes to chat with a rep, I connected with one.  She/He also suggested to put the phone in Safe Mode. So ridiculous.  Then the chat session was disconnected. I am regretting to buy this phone now.

  • Send the phone back!!  There's another person on YouTube that is sending their phone back to ZTE too, over the same issues, just like me!!  Safemode......REALLY!?!?!?  Oh Please!!!

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    I meant to the youtube vid    

  • Sorry...........................................ZTE Blade V8 Pro Review [SPOILER BUY IT] - YouTube

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    Small update.
    Spotify still closes after 15 minutes.
    Tried using google play. Been going for 1hr 20 minutes and is fine.

    Edit 1/24

    Ran iheartradio, no shut down. Seems to be spotify itself bugging out.

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    Sounds like a aggressive doze maneuver, it definitely has something to do with battery management.

  • Same here just tested and Spotify stops playing music exactly at the 15 minute mark

    I also noticed  when playing music with Microsoft groove app some of the songs will randomly start over in the middle of the song.

    I really hope I am not going to be sorry I bought this phone for me and my father

  • How good is ZTE tech support?

    Like are they good at fixing bugs on there phones pretty quickly?

    I am very afraid this 15 minutes shut off issue will not be fixed anytime soon if at all

  • They couldn't help me so that's why I sent the phone back today.  They gave me what they thought was two solutions, and neither worked.  They don't even have returns set-up in their computers yet for the V8 Pro, and had to do all that manually. 

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    This is a ZTE forum, and yet nobody even bothers acknowledging that some of us are experiencing the problem.  ZTE fixing it might be too ambitious.

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    Hi ​  Welcome to the Forum.

    I am downloading the apps now.  Just to make sure did you install:

    Strava Running and Cycling GPS - Android Apps on Google Play and Pulsar Music Player - Android Apps on Google Play

    I am installing them now to try and duplicate the problem.

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    Check spotify. That is the one that did it for me.

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    I have Spotify and it works fine me.... I will let it fun for the next 45 minutes and see if it stops.   Are you running anything else while you are running Spotify?   I want to make sure I'm doing the same thing.

    Also do you have any 3rd party task manager apps or virus protection apps installed?

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