ZTE needs to release android tablet with USB type-C (to help their Axon7 customers)

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Hello ZTE --

please consider releasing an updated Android tablet with USB type-C port (and quickcharge 3.0 support).

We have 2x Axon7's in house and they are fantastic.    The legacy micro-USB charging ports of our legacy tablets is a hassle. 

It would be ideal if we can use USB Type-C charging setups for both our Axon7 and android tablets. 

Please help. 

PS -- I started this thought with ZTE support and they suggested I post idea here.  Unsure if this will actually see the eyes of anyone at ZTE.


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    i would totally consider a ZTE Tablet as long is Screen Size 11.6" and :

    1. Windows base or

    2- Dual boot Windows with Remix OS (MM or N base OS) or

    3- Nougat 7.1.1 with FULL Multi Windows support.

    but i rather go with option 1 or 2 . well that's my opinion on tablets

  • gads1gads1 Posts: 33 ✭✭✭✭✭

    ​  interesting thoughts.     I suggest it would be tough for any mobile device manufacturer to support two different OS'es on same device -- at same time (in dual-boot).  

    I suggest the max of what you could expect is device official supporting Android variant -- or Windows Mobile.    if you wanted to dual-boot, it would be up to you and xda-developers.

    Specific to size, I suggest ZTE offer two sizes aimed at different groups:    (1)   8-8.5in for the mobile user, and (2) 10-12in for the (home/office) power user. 

    I currently have a few Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 devices that are fantastic but the entire point behind my original post was USB type-C port.

    The type-C format is so much better vs micro-USB.  I'm tired of having to throw away charging cables after a month of use (and the micro-usb end of cable stops working consistently -- regardless of cable vendor, etc).

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