Anyone have luck with a portable DAC?

Hi, I just bought a Fiio E18 and I can't get the output to go through the USB.  Checked the settings for the phone to find any way to get it to output through it.  I checked settings on the DAC itself, and I know the connection is working since I put it in charge mode and it charges the phone.  Anyone else have this issue?

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  • gimmebacongimmebacon Posts: 2
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    Thanks for your response, I got the issue solved when I bought a third party cable that went directly from the micro usb to usb c instead of using a crossover on one end. 


  • gordboygordboy Niverville, NYPosts: 20

    Do you have an OTG cable/adapter to plug the Fiio into your phone? I've used a similar external DAC called the microstreamer and you need that adapter to force the phone into host mode, the phones are usually setup as devices so when you plug into a PC, the PC is the host. This may not be the exact product you need, but hopefully is helpful:

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