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  • First i will start with i don't own this phone but my best friend and his girlfriend just got the phone a week ago and Ive been helping him try to figure it out. been reading through the pages and pages on the forum for this phone and the axon 7 with the same problem. just though i would add what i have found so far. the phone is definitely pausing the music and closing the app (Pandora, Spotify both).

          Ive tried every combination of settings in the power manager and nothing works as others have said. Ive even restricted power manager from changing system settings and no luck still kills everything at 15 minutes on the dot. One thing i found to be funny is if you use the phone on a car radio with Pandora control after 15 minutes you watch the phone pause the music then a second later the radio says "open Pandora app" (which means the app closes) then on the radio i was using (Sony) opens the Pandora app back up and continues to play music again without any interaction from me. hope this gets patched and fixed they love the phones other then this issue. Also the reboot as a temp fix that was mentioned in the axon 7 post does not seem to work for the Blade V8 Pro at all. Ive rebooted then started music then locked the phone and boom 15 min on the dot it stops playing.

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    Why is ZTE not ALL OVER this issue??  The phone was just launched and is getting poor reviews on Amazon specifically for this reason.  At minimum, ZTE needs to step up to the plate and admit that this problem is real and that they WILL FIX IT. 

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    I have talked to support about it and they do know about the issue and will be getting a patch. At least I was told a patch is needed. I asked the support at B&H ( where i got it ) and they said they had a few returns for the same issue but not many. If they get this problem patch SOON, this phone is a knock out for those of us in the budget range

  • I've found a simple solution though I think ZTE needs to fix the software bug that kills apps after 15 minutes of off screen time.

    Open whatever app you want - I was having trouble with Pandora and Endomondo.

    Under recent apps (either to the left or right of the home button, whatever you set it to) hit the lock button next to the x. This allows the app to continue running even with the screen off.

    Because you locked whatever app, clearing all apps won't clear whatever apps you have locked. You must x out of them to quit the app.

    It's annoying to have to lock apps down but it's better than nothing...

  • I successfully tracked my workout and listened to Pandora for 45 minutes with the screen off. So I guess problem solved.

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    I'm using your method with Tune In Radio and so far it is working (based on very limited test).  It is a pain to do this, but until this gets fixed it is a brilliant workaround!  Thanks.

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    I was hopeful, but locking down Neutron, my favorite music app, does not work for me.

    Edit: Does not work with Spotify either.

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    I have tried locking the app but my app and podcast addict app still turns off after 15 mins. Love everything else with this phone but thinking about returning it. ZTE support needs to post something is this going to be fixed or do I need to return the phone.

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    I will be returning mine if it doesn't get fixed within two weeks.

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    ​ I assure you that ZTE is aware of the issue. Every issue that is presented in this forum is brought to their attention to see if it can be recreated and if so to work on a resolution. We are all here to help and to make a better product. Thanks for all the great feedback .

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    Problem is, I have the A7, the mini, and the Blade V8 Pro and i am unable to reproduce this issue.  It's friggin driving me crazy. I use Spotify almost every day for 45 mins in the gym and specifically try to get this to happen but somehow i can't.  I'm trying all different settings and still don't know why it happens to some and not others.

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    Ill find out when my new one comes. Possible some of us got an early production model and others have newer ( as yourself ) where some things were fixed prior to release. There just wasn't time for a day 1 update?

  • easedel have you seen a trend that it's just the first ones off the line? I am holding off on purchasing one for both my wife and myself until I see this patched/fixed. I'm sure we can't be the only two purchases that this is preventing.

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    If its a software/coding issue, it should be affecting all phones. Since it isn't, it just leads me to guess that maybe some got earlier production phones.

    Thats just one way to look at it.

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    That is because you believe that it is a user issue where we played around with the settings. You don't accept the fact that we left the settings exactly the way our phones came from the sellers.

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    You made the right decision by holding off on the purchasing. Axon users experienced this issue at least since November. Go to the Axon forum, and you will see.

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    Not a user issue, ​, but a software issue.  And if it is software or user related we should be able to reproduce it somehow.  I'm not ruling out hardware, but it just doesn't feel like a hardware issue.

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    So I just tried using iheart radio app and did not experience the shutoff after 15 mins. I let it play for a hour. Shutdown iheart radio and tried my podcast addict app.  Started to play a download podcast. 15mins  after the screen cut off the podcast stopped playing. I still need to try locally stored music files.

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    As an earlier post stated, a poster in the A7 forum found a coding issue in the power management section causing the apps to shut down.  I'm assuming it is the same issue on this phone and will require a patch to fix.  No amount of changes to settings will fix.

  • Any updates? Still haven't heard and so I'm waiting off on buying until I hear about a patch.

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    I was using mine today and it is still shutting down apps at 15 minutes.

    It even happened while the screen was on.

  • From what i have read the axon 7 has the same issue and that phone just got android 7.0 update this morning. I wonder if a fix for this is in that update maybe. i guess time will tell.

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