[Instructions] LineageOS 14.1

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1. Make sure you're using the appropriate Nougat bootstack with an unlocked bootloader, IF you aren't in Nougat update - A2017U_Bootstack & Modem Files​​  -.   -Failure to do so will not allow flashing the ROM, due to safety flags! -

     1.1 Download A2017X_B15_Universal_Bootloader.zip & A2017U_N_Modem.zip

2. Update recovery; Recommended  [Recovery] Official TWRP for the ZTE Axon 7 | ZTE Axon 7

3. Factory reset - if coming from another ROM.-

4. Install ROM.

5. Install GApps (optionally) - Recommended ->  Open GApps (arm64) (7.1) 2017-02-01 or Newer​ -

PLEASE let's Keep this thread clean of General Discussion or Bugs or Q/A's

This is for Instructions on HOW TO install Lineage and Installation Troubeshooting ONLY

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    Q. LineageOS comes Pre-rooted?

    A. NO, Lineage does NOT comes pre-rooted, if you want root privileges/access you need to flash the following SuperSU after flashing Lineage.

    [STABLE][2016.12.15] SuperSU v2.79​ or [BETA][2017.01.14] SuperSU v2.79 SR3

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    One question...if you can...does using this ROM help with the signal issues?

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    been honest, that varies per user and location, where i live (L.A. Area) i get the same as stock and sometimes +5 dBm's more than stock but, as i said before every device act differently.

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    Just to make sure I'm reading this correctly, you either need to install the OTA from ZTE or the Nougat Bootloader and modem fix from the LineageOS thread at XDA. If I need to wait and install the OTA, I'll probably wait until the full file is available for download as it didn't take the first time I tried updating.

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    Well the Main requirement is to have Unlock Bootloader, from there there is 2 way to install LineageOS (that's why still under construction ).

    1- way to install is Updating to B15 via OTA or via full B15 if that is make available in coming days.

    2- flash a pre-made N Boostack and jump from B20 or B29 to LineageOS.

    but i know BL unlock Official method isn't available just YET, but if you jump over XDA you'll find one

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    Thanks ​. I do have an unlocked BL and I'm going to try updating the proper way one more time.

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    what version are you at the moment? and which rom (if you are in anything but ZTE Stock)?

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    I'm still stock on B29. TWRP is 3.0.3-0.

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    Cool, one step away then.

    i added the link for N Stacks in first step. then follow the rest of the steps and you're good to go, you need U Stacks so

  • Hi Drakenfx,

    Any ETA on bootloader unlock for B15 without having to downgrade to B29 then step to LineageOS?

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    ETA about new unlock bootloader method is above my paygrade, sorry.... only safe method is the one you mention above and isn't just downgrade to B29 but all the way to B20.

    Probably any Z-Boss can shine and clear the skies around here . ::crossfingers::

  • Hi drakenfx,

    Yeah did not mean to come off as when you will do it more have you heard of any path for it happening else where still pretty cool though that there is still a path to make it happen so again thanks for you work and giving people a choice

  • qriusqrius CA, USAPosts: 76

    I noticed a new 'universal' bootloader here [OFFICIAL]LineageOS 14.1 for ZTE Axon 7 | ZTE Axon 7 - does this mean that we can go from stock N B15 to Lineage?

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    I too would like to know the answer to this question, I'd really rather not downgrade my OS

  • I went from stock N B15 to Lineage withouth the downgrade but i used the Emergency DL Mode process described here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/axon-7/development/edl-emergency-dl-mode-twrp-unlock-t3553514

    I flashed the FASTBOOT_UNLOCK and then unlocked bootloader, then flashed the B15-NEW_TWRP, then flashed LineageOS and gapps.

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    If I want to try out B15, but I also (eventually) want to unlock my bootloader and go to LOS - once they get the sound problems worked out, is there any reason not to unlock my bootloader now, while I'm still on B29 (other than losing the warranty, of course)?

    I guess, since I'd have to back off from B29=>B20, there's not much difference from having to back off from B15=>B29=>B20, eh?   Either way, I suppose I'm going to lose all my data.  But the point is to avoid going through that multiple times.  I guess the real question is, if I unlock now, can I still install the B15 OTA?  and the one after that?  And will it stay unlocked?  I think the answer is yes, judging by all the folks that seem to be flashing back and forth between versions.  Just trying to verify whether the N bootstack from ZTE would re-lock the bootloader and make me go through unlocking it again when the time comes to go to LOS (or even whether backing off from B15 to B29 would re-lock it).

    Bottom line: is the 'unlocked' state of the bootloader part of the loader itself, or is it stored somewhere that is not overwritten when you flash a new bootstack?

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    If I start with the A2017U with B25 firmware 7.1.1 following

    until after TWRP installation, do I need to install the bootstack and modem files before installing LineageOS ROM zip and Gapps ?

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    Yup, you need to flash the Universal Stack + your device model MODEM file, THEN flash LineageOS & Gapps.

  • appreciate all your efforts here, your guides got LOS up and running on my device. But I think I followed them too literally and need a little help. I can't update Lineage. I am pretty certain it's because I used one of the unofficial builds (20170203 to be exact) but neither updating ota or by TWRP will work. I'm sure I missed some migration here from unofficial to official, but I'm not having any luck. Any pointers? Appreciate it.

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    You did well, but i know you aren't going to like this but, you need to do the following...

    NOTE : This is only if anyone comes or is using UNOFFICIAL and want to jump to the OFFICIAL Builds

    1- Download latest  " OFFICIAL LINEAGEOS "

    2- Save Everything from Internal Storage to SDCard or PC.

    3- Wipe DATA (i know but is needed) , Cache,  Dalvik.

    4- Install OFFICIAL Lineage - Gapps - SuperSU v2.79 ( if you want root )

    5- Reboot and enjoy LineageOS base on Android N ( 7.1.2 )

  • Wiping not a big deal. Somehow my SD card died during all this, so I have no backup. Fingers crossed this doesn't come back to bite me, but burn that bridge when I get there I guess. Lesson learned. On official now, and loving it so far. Couple issues, maybe you can help?

    Notification lights aren't working. No lights for texts, emails, or calls. I turned them on in the app settings but is there another setting I'm missing somewhere?

    And when I start it, it's almost like it boots twice. The animation starts, then it asks me to enter a pin. I don't use one on my phone, but tried one I used to use and it works. Then it boots to Lineage like normal and asks for my fingerprint. Did I Bork something to cause this or is that just the way it is?

    Really appreciate your help and all the work you put into this

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