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Axon R: a better Axon 7 with stock Android

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Some of you may remember this idea from the previous stage of ZTE CSX; however, it didn't make it to this stage. As a result, I'm bringing it back, this time with some images. I truly believe that a product such as the Axon R would not only boost ZTE's image as a smartphone manufacturer, but also sell extremely well. The other ideas may sound cool, but this one is consumer-facing and will satisfy innumerable customers.


Office Lens 20160914-213806.jpg

Office Lens 20160914-213902.jpg

If the pictures don't work, here's a link.



What product should be built?

The Axon R is a smartphone that will combine an improved version of the Axon 7's fantastic hardware and Nexus-like software to create the ultimate smartphone experience.


What purpose does the product serve?

It will be a top-of-the-line smartphone that will serve all of the consumer's communications and multimedia needs.


Why will a consumer buy it?

A consumer will buy it because of its excellent design, modern components, and clean software.


How is it different?

Even the most highly-rated smartphones today have compromises, but the Axon R won't. It'll feature a nice screen, great internals, a solid yet handsome design, an amazing camera, a quick fingerprint sensor, and unrivaled audio.





The Axon 7 is a very well-built phone, but it has two few flaws. First, the hardware capacitive keys are too close together and are on a bar that is too small. Second, its rounded back makes the phone a bit too slippery. The Axon R intends to solve this by ditching the capacitive keys for software navigation keys and adding a rear chamfer around the whole back to improve grip. If it is possible from an engineering perspective and doesn't add too much to the cost, water resistance would be ideal. Even the most mainstream phone of them all, the iPhone 7, features water resistance. As someone who owns an IP68-rated Galaxy S7 edge, I can personally vouch for its usefulness; you can take it in pools, use it in the rain, and not worry about having to carry around a bulky waterproof case.





Screen: 5.5" 1440p AMOLED (Axon 7's panel is good, maybe utilize a brighter panel)

Glass: 2.5D, Corning Gorilla Glass 4 (GG5 seems to scratch too easily)

Software: stock Android 7.1 Nougat (or most current)

SoC: Snapdragon 821, Adreno 530 (or most current)

RAM: 4GB of DDR4 (nobody needs 6GB, and it's difficult to utilize correctly)

Storage: 64GB, 128GB + microSD slot

Camera (rear): 12MP Sony IMX378 w/ OIS (newer version of IMX377, which is in Nexus 6P and HTC 10)

Camera (front): 8MP (same as Axon 7)

Battery: 3250mAh+

Port: USB 3.0 Type-C

Fingerprint scanner: faster unit than Axon 7's (Axon 7's is a bit slow)

Audio: front-facing speakers, AKM chips (same as Axon 7)

Price: $499 (considering the Axon 7's MSRP of $399, this should be easily doable)