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Announcement 1 [Survey] Would you be interested in one key transfer function to transfer data between two cell phones?
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THIS GUIDE IS JUST FOR THE USA VARIANT OF THE ZTE AXON 7 ( A2017U ) DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS ON ANY OTHER AXON 7 DEVICE - YOU'VE BEEN WARNED - THE METHOD / GUIDE WE ARE GOING TO BE USING IS THE SAFEST WAY TO UNLOCK BOOTLOADER       Hi A7 user, Here i have a way (more than one way) to unlock your bootloader and have more freedom to do more with your… (Show more)
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I know many of you go w/o a case - you're braver than I. For the rest of us we have to compare a relatively sparse collection of cases to find the right mix of style, grip and protection. I am rather particular about my case. I now have 4 cases for my A7 including the one that came in the box. I'm not sure I have "the" case but I figured I'd put… (Show more)
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Oh, I think i did something i didnt intend to do.  Guessing i didnt understand what it was.  I think i locked the SIM card.  I have done a FACTORY RESET,  and i am in the phone now...  but, am not sure if i will be of i restart it...    i was in a screen, that wanted a PIN number, so, i poked in a 4 digit number.  then, it came up, and says i… (Show more)
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Hey Axon 7 Mini users,    ZTE USA is excited to let you know that a new build will be out for your device tomorrow: (Thursday Jan 12th.) @ 1:00 a.m. CST.  This new MR, B21, will provide additional enhancements to your device such as VoLTE, Google security patches updated through December and other improvements to your Axon 7 Mini.   Currently… (Show more)
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After updating to 7.0 nougat, my phone will turn off Bluetooth after I restarting my phone. It never seemed to be a problem before the update and I've had this phone since September. Is there a new setting I'm looking over that's disabling Bluetooth after restart?
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I have a zmax pro and it randomly restarts on its own. It typically does it at least 3 times a week. What can cause this? What can fix this? Please help!!
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leaving users behind with a device that have poential, but needs update to newer android platform, users have paid a lot for this device, its not a cheap projector, we expect you to update........,if it never happens i will not buy another device from you, and hopefully others will join in protesting with your bad support....
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For our first Watch Face Wednesday I wanted to share my favorite watch face from the past few weeks. It’s a paid watch face and I usually don’t buy faces unless they offer a lot of options and presets. Ultimate Watch 2 definitely fits that bill. There are so many settings to customize, it supports all of the Android Wear 2.0 complications, and you… (Show more)
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First AXON 7:  Received 7-29-16  Pre-ordered about 1 month ago from B&H Photo, arrived promptly, had issues with the lock screen and display shutting off over & over, factory reset didn't help, send in to repair center in Grapevine, TX for 2.5 weeks with only 1 update, that it had been received, later got an update from CS Supervisor that it was… (Show more)
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