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If I could change one thing about the Hawkeye phone....

We recognize that the product specifications that we presented for the Hawkeye phone do not match expectations from this community for a great, hands-free phone. Thus, we ask for your help to tell us what ZTE should focus on, if we could improve it.  Hawkeye will still include the eye-tracking software and adhesive features that this community voted upon.  But for the rest of the specification, if you had to improve one thing, what would you change? No matter how you vote we ask that you please comment on this poll with your thoughts and concerns.  Thanks!

Poll Results
  • Swap the Qualcomm 625 for the 835? (46%)
  • Swap the 3000 mAh Battery for a 3500 mAh? (7%)
  • The OS would be Stock Android with added software for eye tracking? (19%)
  • Other - Please leave a comment. (27%)


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