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    How do I vote on ideas?


      Voting on ideas is not only simple, but it's very important.  You become a part of the process that determines the next great mobile device.  First, search for an idea in the Recent list, by Search or directly by URL if one has been shared with you.


      To Vote: Simply click the up arrow (green) for a positive vote; down arrow (red) for a negative vote.  You may only vote once per idea.


      Voting Guidelines:

      • Be courteous.  Authors have taken their time to build a great idea and submit it.  Please read their contributions carefully before voting.
      • Please do not vote negatively if you have submitted an entry yourself.  You may vote positively for any idea where you are not the author, but voting negatively to boost your idea is prohibited.
      • If you have constructive feedback for the author of the idea, please use the comments field in the idea.