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    Tips on how to win


      It's been exciting to follow the 100+ submissions so far on the first day of CSX! In an effort to help everyone put their best foot forward in this competition, here are a few reminders of what makes up a good idea that could be selected into next phase.


      1. Focus on a product that solves a problem, as opposed to a feature. Example: a smartwatch with a foldable screen is a product, while all-day battery life is a feature
      2. Have a descriptive title that captures the essence of your idea. Example: Have an always-on e-ink display on the back of the phone
      3. Include an embedded image, as opposed to attaching it as a file. Hint: there is an icon in the text editor that allows you to "Insert image"
      4. Be sure to follow instructions and provide solid answers to the four questions at the bottom of each new idea submission
      5. When in doubt, check out the sample idea that we've used to demonstrate a good submission


      Feel free to chime in below if you have any recommendations on what constitutes a prize-winning idea submission.