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    What are the stages?


      During the submission phase for Ideas and Concepts, the following stages are used:


      • Initial Submission - After submitting an idea or concept, it is automatically placed into this stage for review by ZTE.  Please allow up to 72 hours for the first review.

      • Need More Information - If the submission does not meet the project rules, such as it is missing questions that need to be answered, or the submission is not unique, it goes back to the submitter to edit.  It can edited anytime before the voting phase.  The comments fields are used between ZTE and the submitter to communicate on progress.

      • Under R&D Review - If it is unclear if the submission can be technically developed by 2017, and be affordable to users once developed, then it is moved to R&D review for the ZTE technical teams to review.  Submitters may edit the idea or concept based on feedback from R&D, making this a collaborative and iterative process.  The original submission may be edited based on this feedback and re-submitted before the voting phase.

      • In Progress - If the submission has passed all criteria to be considered a valid entry for the competition, it is ready for the voting phase.  No changes are required.


      During the voting phases (September 1 - 10 for Idea phase; October 1 - 10 for Concept phase), only submissions that are in the In Progress stage may be voted upon.  All other ideas and concepts will be archived prior to the voting phase.