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    Will Axon 7 Mini receive Android Nougat?


      Maybe this has been covered in another discussion,but i can't find it here and please forgive if it has, as i'm new to the forums!

      I received word from a ZTE online chat rep that the Mini will receive an update to build 16 sometime after the new year. What i would really like to know is if it will also contain an update to Nougat and if ZTE might relax bootloader restrictions and allow us to add launchers or even root this phone?

      I am pleasantly suprised with how smooth the Mini is after most of the online tech site reviews described how the experience was jerky and awkward at best.

      I have a couple of days remaining on my best buy return window and if this phone isn't scheduled to receive Nougat,then i would prefer to return it for the fullsize model to guarantee an upgrade to nougat....Anyone in the know here possibly? Thanks@