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    Can you fill in some of the Blanks in the Specs for a 2017 Phone?


      I first commented in the Poll on the materials for the project but felt that some of my comment and questions needed more discussion.

      I may sign up for the Kickstarter project and have no real issue with the process or results of deciding the key drivers for the project -- Eye Tracking and Sticky back


      That said, in order to back the Kickstart project, I do need to know what trade-off are necessary to receive the key features.  In 2017 there are many more "standard" expectations for a cell phone than there were in 2012.  Most of us would not want to give up the typical MotoG features we expect just to get a sticky back.  Here is what I wrote on the Material Poll:


      I also would like to know the name/composition of the material -- not just see some pictures.  Would like a metal body or carbon fiber, but this is a fairly low priced phone, so assume all these are plastic, some with a metal like look, others like wood etc.  Give them at least a name or description.


      Also wish comments were enabled for the spec post.  Nothing wrong w listed specs, but what about other "standard" features for modern phones ie I would want GPS capability for maps and driving direction apps.


      Hard to sign up for Kickstarter with out a bit more detail -- GPS for sure required (for me) or at least noted as absent...Material of construction, Gorilla glass or no, WiFi N or AC, bluetooth included or no?  Waterproof or no.


      $200 doesn't buy a flagship but some of these "2017 Standard Features" are necessary or must be listed as exclusions to evaluate tradeoffs.  Just saying.


      I flagged WiFi type, GPS, Gorilla Glass, bluetooth and water resistance and features I needed to know as present or not before I could decide on my participation in the Kickstart.


      What other 2017 standard Features or expectation do you need to have clarified included or excluded to judge your interest in joining the Kickstart?

      There may need to be a list of features that will be excluded as well as specs for features included .

      Again, not expecting a flagship -- just clear picture of trade offs.  No one needs a bunch of customers upset upon receiving a phone with eye tracking but no touch screen or WiFi.

      Since you want me to promise some money now,  I think a few more inclusion and/or exclusion specs are in order now.  What do you think?