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    Hawkeye To Be Killed For Improved Version?



      Sounds like a good idea to me, personally I think it needs to be started over and built with better specs and then start a new Kickstarter, even though I'm not sure that crowd funding is the way it should be built. However I'm hopeful that what Team One Technology put forward will be built for their sanity as they were chosen the winners of the contest thus are deserving.


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          It should be killed if for no other reason than the fact that someone thought eye tracking software and an adhesive back were features that consumers wanted.


          Also,  whoever came up with that idea should be demoted.


          From what most posters here say,  we want: dual front firing speakers,  efficient soc,  great battery life,  functional Android and an awesome screen.


          Short of the functional Android version that almost sounds like the axon 7.


          Zte, discontinue these pie in the sky ideas for the moment and focus on gaining market share by producing a device like, or better than the axon 7 with a fully functioning Mifavor or a vanilla android ui.


          That's all that is needed in 2017.

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              Team One Technologies came up with the idea and it was voted on by the ZTE Community users, though it has been rumored that the Vanilla Android build concept received more votes. I personally don't know the truth about the number of the votes each received only ZTE knows that for sure, so I can't say definitively.


              I agree with you, ZTE needs to either focus on getting as close as possible to perfecting MiFavor as they can or switch to stock Android and add a theming engine that allows user to customize the look of their phone if they want. With stock Android it is much easier to do bug fixes as they are easier to find, as opposed to the MiFavor UI running on top of Android. With stock Android updates could come so much faster as well, it seems like a no brainer to me as to what to go with.


              I want my Axon 8 to have a smooth, fluid build of Android I'd prefer stock but a fully functional build of MiFavor would be OK, dual FF speakers are a must, the SD 835 (I'd take the 821 if I had to), the continued great battery life of my A7 or better, the same 2k display would be fine with me, and the camera hardware is more than capable but improved camera software is a must. One thing I'm afraid of is in order to keep up with most of their competition, a dual camera set up might be necessary(possibly raising the price). Regardless it needs to be a very good camera experience, and also keep the same great multimedia experience the A7 provides us with.


              Seems like a lot for the Axon 8 to stay at the $400 price point but then again it seemed like a lot for the Axon 7 at its $400 price. Which is why the Axon 7 was such a great buy and a bargain in my opinion.

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              Sometimes having a phone of the future isn't a good thing. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. consumers want flagship specs at lower prices, not eye tracking. I just don't think this next kickstarter will do well either.

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                Don't you think it's strange that ZTE haven't given any official answer in their forums or their blogs about the future of this concept, yet, they've had a carefree chat about it with some not well-known portal? Frankly, I'm amazed by how unprofessional this campaign has been handled so far and how untimely the new polls pop up. That said, I still hope this phone will, in one way or another, be released, but, seriously, someone has to fire at least half of the people handling the Kickstarter for miscalculating all they could miscalculate in regards to the phone, which they could have avoided by spending more time researching the market, as well as the previous Kickstarter backed smartphones to see why people backed these devices, what were they expecting and/or why some of these ideas failed to generate interest.

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                  ZTE is probably sill going to follow through with the idea becuase they said they would. I applaud them for that. I feel like ZTE should have vetted the ideas more-not only for feasibilitiy, but also for selling ability. Though the Hawkeye is, apparently, technologically feasible, it does not have selling ability to a broad audience. It's a very, very niche product. As some of you do, all I would like is a stock-like Android phone that performs well. They only have to modify the Axon 7 a little and stick some newer hardware in it. The Axon 7 is still a pretty sweet phone despite its issues.

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                    While the original Hawkeye was an ok idea, it really has no hope at this point.


                    If ZTE really wants this phone to succeed, my personal opinion would be to make basically a beefed up version of the Axon 7, with stock/vanilla Android. A "ZTE Nexus" if you would.

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                      They could warp into the future and add a snapdragon 1165 and 32 GB of RAM and the phone would still probably fail.  There might be someone, somewhere, who wants eye tracking, but a sticky back?  Really?

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                        How about if ZTE went with the Helio X25 chipset??