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    Top Tier Phone


      Consumers want peace of mind in security and quality , ease of purchase and after sales convenience support. These attributes are seen to be prerequisites for a top brand product and for long term sustainability of brand success.

      In addition to top hard and software specifications,ZTE should set itself apart from the sea of smartphone makers by:

      -Certify phone hardware and software quality in a place that have global trust, example Singapore.

      -having distribution & service centre in major markets of China,India,USA,UK, and global city of Hong Kong & Singapore

      - having not more than  2 variants and 2 range of models, launching them in Spring & Autumn.

      -ensure upgrade for at least 1 new OS.

      - global warranty

      - develop a pool of accessories supplier

      Customer will pay higher price if makers can meet their needs and wants.

      Do not always think consumers want only low price and tons of options.

      Phone quality/security & global warranty though costly, will be a real breakthrough against established incumbents.

      Race to the top, not the bottom.