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    Updated: 4/20 Galaxy Gear S3 Working with all functions fully functional with Axon Series


      Apps / Function working:

      SAMSUNG PAY (Even works in stand alone mode and with an unlocked bootloader on the A7)

      Messaging (Google's app) [read and reply as well as view multiple messages]

      Calls through the watch or the phone

      Skype / Whatapp (able to read, read multiple messages, and reply)

      Google Now notifications

      S-Health ( with MyFitnessPal integration, hydro coach, and others)

      Google Music connects right to the built in music controls on Gear

      Spotify (remote control and independant mode)

      SnapChat notifications

      Here Maps for standalone maps and directions

      Call forwarding (without using number sync from AT&T)



      Devices Tested to be compatibile with the Gear S3:

      Axon 7 (running Android 7.1.1)

      Axon 7 Mini (running Android 6) [currently testing full functionality]




      Not working or no support yet:

      Google Maps (notifications dont display on the watch)



      This is an active discussion about the Axon Series (Axon 7 and Axon 7 Mini) and the Gear S3 working together and will be updated as more information and things change.


      If you would like my to test a specific app or something for you please feel free to let me know and I will be happy to do what I can.


      Upcoming Phones to be tested for compatibility:

      Axon Pro